About Me

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Life happened and I am now living in Colorado, USA. My releationship with Art may be explained as a type of addiction: I have a compelling need to express myself through visual means.

My first artistic love was Photography and has stayed with me for a long time. The challenge has always been to capture images as my inner self, and not my camera, saw them. Advances in Digital Photography made this task easier and, recently, my exposure to Virtual Photography went even further to transform my imagination into images.

For the past years, I have been exploring Abstractions. Mathematical formulas known as Fractals are the starting point. Colors, shapes and textures are morphed and combined until the composition feels right to me. There is no predetermined process. It is mainly an intuitive and exploratory work. When I start a piece, I never know how it will look in the end. Each piece reflects my mood and my state of mind at the time of its creation. Combining Art with Mathematics may seem counter intuitive, but I feel comfortable with technology and I like the challenge of non-traditional approaches.


Fragments of Imagination, Gallery C (Dubuque, 2014)

Reflections and Resolutions: Creating New Worlds in Digital Art, Lincoln Center (Fort Collins, 2014)

Best of the Best 2, Digital Arts California (online, 2013)

Donnie 2013- Digital Art Competition and Exhibit, Museum of Computer Art (New York, 2013)

Seen - Unseen, Hinterland Art Space (Denver, 2013)

Abstractions 2013 - Exhibitions Without Walls (online, 2013)

Donnie 2012 - Digital Art Competition and Exhibit, Museum of Computer Art (New York, 2012)

Donnie 2011 - Digital Art Competition and Exhibit , Museum of Computer Art (New York, 2011)

12th International Fine Art Show, American Juried Art Salon (online, 2011)

Permanent Hall Art Exhibit, Avago technologies (Fort Collins, 2010)

Spring Festival of Digital Art, Museum of Computer Art (New York, 2009)

Inaugural Exhibit, Art Raw Gallery (New York, 2009)

1st Anniversary Exhibit, Museum of Computer Art (New York, 2009)

The Artful Nude, Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, 2008)

Digitalism Exhibit, Museum of Computer Art (New York, 2008)